How to buy a used pressure washer

With the summer fast approaching you may be considering purchasing a pressure washer to clean your garden or driveway. You may even think about looking on eBay or the local newspaper for a used pressure washer. If you do want to buy a used pressure washer there are several things you should check first.

A pressure washer can be used in the Garden or other outdoor areas to clean items such as barbeques or patio’s. Your pressure washer may be up to fifty times more powerful than a standard hose and uses far less water to get the job done.

1) Has the pressure washer been tested recently by a qualified electrician, if it has then it should have a certificate to prove this.

2) You need to check the cable does not have any tears or splits in it and is completely sound..

3) Check the plug is not broken and if it is a sealed plug on the pressure washer make sure that it is still fixed properly. If you are unsure then this should be replaced straight away if you purchase the pressure washer.

4) Are the hose connectors still clean and free from cracks, if they have any damage on them this could cause you real problems in the future.

5) Does the pressure washer have a build up of scale around the hose fittings, this will show overuse and lack of care by the present owner.

6) How much use has it had, if its too much then the parts may be worn out and hard to come by.

7) If the pressure washer has wheels make sure they are not buckled or loose. This will be a difficult part to find for an old pressure washer so keep this in mind.

8) Check the water tank for leaks or dents that could lead to leaks at a later date.

9) Make sure that the soap dispenser has no leaks and is clean and dirt free.

10) Plug the pressure washer in and make sure that it actually starts up and if possible attach the water supply to make sure that the pump is working properly and there is good water pressure produced.

11) If you are intending to use the pressure washer in an enclosed area then it is important that you do not buy a gas powered washer and stick with electric.

12) Always make sure that you will have ample storage for the washer as they are often bulky but will be damaged if left outside for any length of time.

You should also bear in mind the Psi (pounds per square inch) that the pressure washer will produce, the higher the number the more powerful the washer will be. As a rule of thumb look for 1200 – 1300 if you intend using it to clean items such as garden furniture, 1500 – 2000 psi for cleaning decking 2200 psi plus for cleaning pathways and patios.

That’s it if you follow these simple steps then you can get your self a bargain by looking for a used pressure washer.